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Visit of the Frasassi Caves


Tour leader: Michela Giorgi


It can be affirmed with certainty that a systematic search by speleologists and geologists began early in 1948, thanks to the activity of Marches Spelaologic Group of Ancona. It is to be reminded however that also in the period between the wars there were a few explorations and searches by prehistoric and natural science researchers , but they were sporadic episodes. The first hint of the most relevant discovery, the one of the Big Cave of Wind , took place on September 25th 1971, when Rolando Silvestri of the Italian Alpine Club Speleological Group of Ancona , through the north slope of mountain Vallemontagna, discovered a small entrance. The two huge caves became since then a huge labyrinth of underground rooms which follow one another for more than thirteen kilometres. The opening took place on September 1st 1974; since then many tourists have kept on visiting these enchanting places where it is possible to appreciate the beauty, the splendour e the majesty of nature. 

The tourist trail starts with the Abyss Ancona. It is a big hollow, perhaps one of the biggest hollows in Europe and in the world: 180 m. long, 120 m. large and 200 m. high. At the end of the abyss it is possible to see a caotic hoard of blocks, results of movements and fallings down from time immemorial that gave origin to the abyss. You will then go on to see the Crystallized Lake, Niagara, Little Fairy's Castle, The Giants, 200 Hall, Grand Canyon, Ursa's Hall, Neverending Hall.

A specialized German-speaking tour guide will accompany the group throughout the visit.