Italian Experience September 2019

Our roots: a land of infinite beauty

Elettromedia was born and grew in the beautiful Marche region, a fertile territory, rich in history and culture, with a strong connection with music and a centuries-old and worldwide acknowledged tradition in the production of musical instruments.

The beauty of the landscapes in this part of Italy, ranging from the sea to the mountains, passing through rolling hills, is a daily source of inspiration for those who live and work in these regions; this privileged relationship with beauty has shaped the creative spirit of the entire Elettromedia team over the years and nurtured its passion for excellence.

These lands distinguish themselves for a strong vocation for craftsmanship, industriousness, a spirit of research and innovation, which have led some companies in Central Italy to reach world-class prestige.

Sharing the magic

With the Italian Experience we want to share with you this magical alchemy of history, territory and technology, share the roots and the essence of our corporate and personal culture, through a journey that will remain indelible in your memories: together with the Elettromedia team we will explore the heart of Central Italy, an adventure in the flavors, scents, colors and sounds of this extraordinary land!

Ready for a full-immersion?

You will discover the charm of ancient villages among the most beautiful in Italy, their characteristic atmospheres, the wine and culinary tradition, the natural wonders of the Adriatic Coast, the fascinating history of the Basilica of Loreto, but above all they will be days of joy and happiness to live and share.

Welcome to our beautiful land!

Meet the Team

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Michela Giorgi

EU Dealers Customer Service
Michela will be your main liaison before and during the Italian Experience.
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Matteo Kalogris

Communications Manager
Matteo will produce content for social and web communication.
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Massimo Mezzadri

International Sales Director Massimo will be your guide in Elettromedia, talking about past and future.
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Leonardo Falcetelli

Commercial & Marketing Director Leonardo will convey the passion that Elettromedia has for its brands Audison, Hertz and Connection.
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John Lammers

Marketing & Sales Director Germany
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Lorenzo Quattrini

Technical Product Marketing Manager